Treat Stiks

Most people’s dogs never have to work for food. Their families simply provide them with full bowls periodically. If this is the case in your home, dinner time is a prime opportunity to give your dog something to do. Instead of pouring food out for your dogs, make them work their meals out of a TreatStik©. TreatStiks© are tubes with screw-caps on one end and small holes near the other. Fill the stick with your dogs’ dinners and let them figure out how to get all the kibble out through the hole. It might take some dogs a couple tries to really get the idea, but once they learn how, they really enjoy working the food out. And watching them is fun for you, too.

Nina Ottosson Toys

Nina Ottosson toys mentally stimulate your dog by making them solve puzzles to find hidden goodies.  You’ll be amazed at how smart your dog is once they get the hang of it.  Watch Simon and Sophie play with the toys below.