Rescue IGs

Where do the dogs come from?

The dogs that enter our program come to us in a number of ways. Often the dogs are given up due to no fault of the dog’s, but because an owner has moved, died, divorced, or is unable to keep the dog for other reasons. Others come to us from shelters. Since the breed has recently been sold often in pet stores, many of our rescues are impulse buys from the pet stores that did not work out. A quick purchase is made giving little thought to the time and dedication it takes to raise that cute little puppy they saw in the window. By rescuing an Italian Greyhound, you will give a much needed home to a dog that, without your help, may have led a life of discomfort and fear, or even an untimely death. And if an Italian Greyhound is the right breed of dog for you and your lifestyle, he or she will certainly repay you for your kindness with affection for years to come.

What age/sex are the rescue dogs?

We get a variety of ages in the program. Most are adults. However, we often do get young adults and occasionally do get puppies. Older dogs also come into the program and with a lifespan of 14 to 16 years, these dogs can make wonderful pets. Males outnumber females. However, all dogs are spayed or neutered prior to placement. Occasionally people contact us who have very strong preferences about age, sex, and color of the dog. The more open you are about sex, age, and coat color, the more likely that we will find a suitable dog for you. If you do have very strong preferences, a rescue dog may not be for you.

Successful Adoptions

We try to make the best possible match we can to ensure a successful adoption. Some of the things that you can do to prepare for your rescue’s arrival:

  • Purchase a good quality pet store food, bowls, leashes, safe toys, and a crate
  • It is also a good idea to select a veterinarian prior to your dog’s arrival. Although the dog has been vet checked, we do recommend taking the dog to your own veterination after adopting the dog.
  • It is also a good idea to take your newly adopted dog to obedience classes. Any dog (and owner) can benefit from such a class. It improves communication between dog and owner, it gives the dog a chance to socialize and it also improves the bond between owner and dog.

Some Considerations

  1. Have you researched the breed and spent time with an Italian Greyhound to determine if this is the right breed for you?
  2. Are all members of your household interested in getting a dog?
  3. Do you have a fenced yard or are you willing to take the dog for walks a number of times a day ALWAYS on a leash?
  4. How many hours will the dog be alone? Do you have time to interact, train, and play with a dog?
  5. Do you have the necessary finances to care for the dog medically?