We are a group of volunteers who specialize in finding homes for Italian Greyhounds in rescue.  All our IGs are under the Italian Greyhound Club of America’s rescue program.  All adoption fees go to IGCA’s rescue group and IGCA pays for most medical expenses while a dog is in foster care.  Our volunteers however, dedicate our time and money for extraneous expenses like food, clothes, etc. on our own.  All foster dogs are kept in foster homes where they are cared for like our own dogs until a suitable forever home is found.  Please see our Available IGs, Adoption Process and Adoption Application form pages to find out more about IGs available for adoption and our adoption process.

From time to time we also take non-IGs into our foster care program.  These dogs are not with IGCA, but are cared for privately.  These are usually dogs who had no other option and were going to be put to sleep, but we felt they are placeable dogs who deserve a chance.  Please see our Available Other Breeds and Other Breed Adoption Application for more information.