Interested in Adopting?

RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Most Italian Greyhounds (IGs) are in our program because someone did not do their research and obtained the wrong breed. All dogs are not alike; each breed is different and IGs are NOT small Greyhounds. They are VERY different from their full-size “cousins” in terms of activity level and with regard to training. Every breed has its price – some dig, some bark, some chew, some shed tumbleweeds of hair, etc. The price of the IG is housetraining difficulty. It is not impossible to housebreak an IG, but if you have lots of carpet or have a problem with accidents, then this breed may not be for you. We can just about guarantee some accidents! A housebroken IG can be achieved, but it takes diligence, consistency, the use of a crate, and can be a 365-day-a-year job. Next to the housetraining difficulty (which is the number one reason IGs are surrendered to rescue), the other significant problem is the IG/small child relationship. IGs do not like quick movements, loud noises, and are fine-boned, so easily injured by a child. IGs generally do NOT do well with small children. There are exceptions, but they are rare. Also big dogs are no match for a small boned Italian Greyhound. We have rescued many IGS over the years who have had extensive vet bills or broken bones from innocently “playing” with larger dogs or just being bumped going through a doorway with a larger dog. A good rule of thumb with toy breeds, according to experts, is no more than a 25 pound difference in size for dogs in the same play group or home.

Other things to be aware of

  • IGs are an active, athletic breed and they do not thrive if left alone for long hours.
  • They cannot “hold it” all day. Try to picture yourself going to work and NEVER using the bathroom…all day! You must be aware of this fact – small dogs = small bladders.
  • IGs are extraordinarily fast (reaching speeds of up to 35 mph) and have very keen eyesight. Because of these two facts, IGs MUST be on a leash or in a fenced area when off leash. What 2000 years of breeding has created, NO amount of obedience training can overcome.

If you are still reading, the good news is IGs are super affectionate and loving companions!!! Those of us who have and love these dogs feel that their “drawbacks” are a small price to pay for their wonderful, loving personalities. (NOTE: When doing your research, beware of those who will inform you of only the positive aspects of this breed! These people may ONLY be interested in selling you a dog and profiting from the sale. Please bear in mind that every breed has its “price”; there are no perfect dogs!)