Italian Greyhounds and Electric fences

Italian Greyhounds and underground/electric fences do not go well together. Italian Greyhounds will take the shock if they are locked onto a fast moving animal like a bunny, deer, or a squirrel. They are 100% sighthounds and once their prey drive is activated, they will not stop or think twice about the boundary of the electric fence. IGs can run 35 miles per hour and love to chase small moving objects. One of my IGs caught and killed 2 bunnies over his lifetime who got into our fence.

Electric Fence Reality

We know a family who had an IG many years ago. They lived on over 3 acres and had an electric fence. The dog kept running out of the electric fence so they kept increasing the voltage. Eventually, the dog took a shock so powerful he because neurotic and fearful. The family decided to euthanize the dog.

Electric Fences do not keep your dog safe from other dogs or wildlife

Another thing to consider – an electric fence does not keep out wildlife or other dogs. IGs have a very delicate build and will not come out on top of a coyote or big dog attack. A physical fence is not only a barrier to keep your dog in your yard, it keeps them safe from other animals. Italian Greyhounds love to run, but they should only be allowed off leash in a safe, secure fenced in area.