IG Clothing

Italian Greyhounds have a very short, thin coat which doesn’t protect them from cold weather. They require clothes and coats during the colder months to keep them warm and protected. Fleece long legged pajamas and coats are a must during the winter months.

Many IG Clothing Companies

Being a breed who needs warm clothes and looks adorable wearing them, there are many Italian Greyhound clothing companies you can find on instagram or google. Most Italian Greyhounds have their own wardrobe from the necessary to the fashionable. It is a rare Italian Greyhound who refuses to wear clothes.

Check out Olivriero on Instagram for adorable warm tracksuits.

Voyagers K-9 Apparel

Warm and built to provide comfort and protection from cold winter weather, Voyagers coats fit deep chested dogs like Italian Greyhounds. In their November 2007 issue, The Whole Dog Journal gave Voyagers their highest rating in their dog coat review article “Keep Them Warm and Dry”. Voyagers is in Wisconsin and can often be found at rescue events where they can measure your dog to ensure your custom coat fits properly.