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  • Indoor IG Activities

    Indoor IG Activities

    Let’s pretend for a moment you are your dog. You have no job or duties besides eating, keeping someone’s lap warm and perhaps barking at a few strangers who dare pass in front of your house. Your days consist of a lot of sleeping, as do your nights. This might sound like a great vacation…

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  • Lure Coursing Your IG

    Lure Coursing Your IG

    Lure coursing is a sport (or simply a fun activity) for the dog that likes to chase things. As sighthounds, Italian Greyhounds are natural chasers. They love to run after things that are moving quickly. The basics of lure coursing involve a dog chasing a lure (usually a plastic bag or furry rabbit skin) tied…

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  • Boating with IGs

    Boating with IGs

    By Nancy Brandt Zeke, our first IG, loved to go boating and fishing with us. Actually, he just wanted to be with us to do whatever we were doing at the time. Aren’t all Iggies like that?! Boating Safety We found out early on one should not assume all dogs swim well, especially Italian Greyhounds.…

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