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  • Italian Greyhounds and Electric fences

    Italian Greyhounds and Electric fences

    Italian Greyhounds and underground/electric fences do not go well together. Italian Greyhounds will take the shock if they are locked onto a fast moving animal like a bunny, deer, or a squirrel. They are 100% sighthounds and once their prey drive is activated, they will not stop or think twice about the boundary of the…

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  • IG Clothing

    IG Clothing

    Italian Greyhounds have a very short, thin coat which doesn’t protect them from cold weather. They require clothes and coats during the colder months to keep them warm and protected. Fleece long legged pajamas and coats are a must during the winter months. Many IG Clothing Companies Being a breed who needs warm clothes and…

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  • FAQs about IGs

    FAQs about IGs

    A Unique Breed The Italian Greyhound is registered with the American Kennel Club as a member of the toy group. This breed is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago. Italian Greyhounds are very active, inquisitive little animals who enjoy giving and receiving love immensely. Being people oriented, they require the stimulation of quality…

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  • The Truth about Italian Greyhounds

    The Truth about Italian Greyhounds

    Below is a list of the most common questions we hear about Italian Greyhounds. If you read nothing else before acquiring an Italian Greyhound, please read this page. This page was compiled by Italian Greyhound Rescue volunteers who have many years of experience with the breed and the people who adopt and surrender Italian Greyhounds.…

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  • IGs and Leg Breaks

    IGs and Leg Breaks

    Are Italian Greyhounds More Likely to Break a Leg? If you’ve done much research into Italian Greyhounds online, you might have come to the conclusion that despite their delicate appearance Italian Greyhounds are a “hardy” breed. What should you believe, and how fragile are Italian Greyhounds? We’ve been rescuing Italian Greyhounds for over 40 years…

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  • Not a Regular Greyhound

    Not a Regular Greyhound

    NOTE: This is somewhat of a humorous account written by a friend and fellow owner of both Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds. Italian Greyhounds are NOT small greyhounds. IGs are a toy breed whose only similiarity to the greyhound is their look! That’s it. They are NOT couch potatoes, they are not easy to train like…

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  • IGs and Children

    IGs and Children

    Small dog and small child, what could be cuter, right? Except the reality is that it takes a lot of work to parent both small children and an Italian Greyhound. Italian Greyhounds are typically not a good choice for a household with very small children, or older children who want to be able to “roughhouse”…

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  • Please Read Before Bringing Home an IG

    Please Read Before Bringing Home an IG

    …from a dog’s point of view.

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  • Why not to buy from a Pet Store

    Why not to buy from a Pet Store

    This is Tina. She was used as a puppy-producer at a puppy mill. When she became too sick to profitably produce puppies, she was dumped in an animal shelter by the puppy mill owner. IGCA Rescue-WI saved Tina, but one of her front legs was so badly infected, gangrene had set in. The leg had…

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  • Rescue IGs

    Rescue IGs

    Where do the dogs come from? The dogs that enter our program come to us in a number of ways. Often the dogs are given up due to no fault of the dog’s, but because an owner has moved, died, divorced, or is unable to keep the dog for other reasons. Others come to us…

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