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  • The Importance of Exercise

    The Importance of Exercise

    Italian Greyhounds are an active and athletic breed that require some good hearty exercise. Walking is a key element in having a healthy and happy dog. Years ago dogs worked, moved and hunted for their food. In today’s world many dogs are alone, trapped inside four walls for 8 to 10 hours each day. This…

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  • Importance of Keeping Your IGs Toe nails Short

    Importance of Keeping Your IGs Toe nails Short

    Some dogs hate nail trimming, others merely tolerate it, almost none like it. Some dogs need tranquillizers to make it through the process without biting, while others sleep through the procedure without a care. No matter what your dog’s personal take is on nail clipping, it is something you should do for your IGs regularly…

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  • IGs and Leg Breaks

    IGs and Leg Breaks

    Are Italian Greyhounds More Likely to Break a Leg? If you’ve done much research into Italian Greyhounds online, you might have come to the conclusion that despite their delicate appearance Italian Greyhounds are a “hardy” breed. What should you believe, and how fragile are Italian Greyhounds? We’ve been rescuing Italian Greyhounds for over 40 years…

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  • Breeding your IG

    Breeding your IG

    After acquiring a puppy, many people think about breeding their Italian Greyhound. The reasons for this are many. Some people love their dog so much, they want another one “just like Fido.” Some people want to “recover” the money that they paid the breeder for their puppy. Some peole want to show their children the…

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  • Overweight IGs (Bella’s Big Booty)

    Overweight IGs (Bella’s Big Booty)

    When people on the street meet our dogs, they frequently comment on how thin they are. Some even ask, “Are you sure they aren’t too skinny?” with this look of disgust on their face which says, “You’re cruel for starving your dogs”. Many people, and even some veterinarians, don’t know what an Italian Greyhound should…

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