• Rescue IGs

    Rescue IGs

    Where do the dogs come from? The dogs that enter our program come to us in a number of ways. Often the dogs are given up due to no fault of the dog’s, but because an owner has moved, died, divorced, or is unable to keep the dog for other reasons. Others come to us…

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  • Overweight IGs (Bella’s Big Booty)

    Overweight IGs (Bella’s Big Booty)

    When people on the street meet our dogs, they frequently comment on how thin they are. Some even ask, “Are you sure they aren’t too skinny?” with this look of disgust on their face which says, “You’re cruel for starving your dogs”. Many people, and even some veterinarians, don’t know what an Italian Greyhound should…

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  • Lure Coursing Your IG

    Lure Coursing Your IG

    Lure coursing is a sport (or simply a fun activity) for the dog that likes to chase things. As sighthounds, Italian Greyhounds are natural chasers. They love to run after things that are moving quickly. The basics of lure coursing involve a dog chasing a lure (usually a plastic bag or furry rabbit skin) tied…

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  • Boating with IGs

    Boating with IGs

    By Nancy Brandt Zeke, our first IG, loved to go boating and fishing with us. Actually, he just wanted to be with us to do whatever we were doing at the time. Aren’t all Iggies like that?! Boating Safety We found out early on one should not assume all dogs swim well, especially Italian Greyhounds.…

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